With Jimmy Clausen (above) lined up over center for the Fighting Irish, ESPN put together a montage of other teenage players making their debut: Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Sidney Crosby. Is a true-freshman quarterback starting prematurely on an average college football team really the same thing?

And I sure would have loved to be able to read the thoughts of color man Todd Blackledge when the booth got hijacked by Vitale.

It’s 24-10 PSU and – ribbit! – TCU leads Texas 10-0 at the half. Colt McCoy began the scoring with a short-range INT that looked a lot like the old Chris Simms to Roy Williams – the Oklahoma Roy Williams, that is – connection.

Now Blackledge is paying homage to grilled sticky buns, something I predicted seven days ago (not here – you’ll have to ask my wife for confirmation). Let’s face it, the Big 10 is no match for the Big 12, SEC and ACC on culinary grounds.