Blogs aplenty are filled this morning with cutting commentary about how sickly Dick Clark looked last night on ABC’s “Let’s Find A New Job For Ryan Seacrest” New Year’s Eve countdown show. Of course, compared to Little Steven and David Johansen, Clark came off like a vibrant human being.

That ESPN’s broadcast was an unfocused mess (even the most cynical viewer had to feel bad for Van Zandt when Stuart Scott introducted “the hot Christian band” P.O.D.) and seemed like a hastily assembled, poorly conceived project from the moment it was announced. That said, I sincerely doubt it was any more or less a cultural atrocity than Anderson Cooper’s fun-fest on CNN or countless other dunderhead programs shown at the same time from the same locale. And think of the amazing precedent that has been set now that Little Steven has brought a fleeting glimpse of the Underground Garage to the heights of basic cable. Who amongst us isn’t dying to see a Super Bowl halftime show booked by Count Joe Viglione? The Olympic Games’ closing ceremonies as selected by Doug Moody? The entertainment for MLB’s Home Run Derby, curated by John Zewizz? The possibilities are endless, and for that, we owe Stuart Scott and Little Steven Van Zandt a tremedous debt of gratitude.