It was only a few weeks ago I made a comment or two about how much better off Liverpool would be (ignoring that tiny trophy they won in Istanbul) if they had never allowed Michael Owen to depart for Spain, compared to their struggles at the time with soccer’s answer to Shawn Bradley, Peter Crouch.

As it turns out, Crouch has since put Liverpool on his very thin back, scoring yet again in yesterday’s 1-0 dispatch of WBA, while Owen suffered a broken right foot in Newcastle’s 2-0 defeat at Spurs.

Owen’s availability for the World Cup is in doubt, though a strike partnership of Wayne Rooney and whoever else is standing (even Peter Crouch) should be enough to get England into the final 16.

More disturbingly, however, the Guardian’s headline writers are (finally) refering to Crouch as Rodney Trotter.

QPR’s Richard Langley (above) scored the winner in Rangers’ crazy 4-3 victory at Crewe yesterday, a game the R’s somehow survived despite the comical defending efforts of George Santos.

Sporting Life quotes Hoops manager Ian Holloway as being fed up with speculation that his job is in jeopardy.

“We already have more points than we did at this exact point this time last year with a game in hand,” Holloway said. “But that doesn’t seem to be good enough for some people.

“I’m sick and tired of every Tom, Dick and Harry getting linked with my job every day. Well ding, dang, doo. It’s my job, I own it and it’s up to anyone else to take it off me.”

Indeed, QPR are only 4 points away from the final Championship playoff spot, though perhaps 13th place on the 1st of January isn’t commensurate with job security.