From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Ethan Skolnick.

Can’t get enough D-Wade?

He’s on Letterman tonight, Regis and Kelly in the morning, and MTV’s Total Request Live in the afternoon. I would add the Cold Pizza appearance, but heck, I’ve appeared on Cold Pizza, so that doesn’t count.

Get used to seeing him everywhere. He’s hardly South Florida’s secret anymore.

It’s the same as when you’re into a band (say U2 or Radiohead or Nirvana way back when, or something like Snow Patrol or The Fray now) just before the entire world catches on. Now you know how Athens, GA, felt when REM blew up, or Charlottesville, VA, when DMB did.

Excellent, analogy, Ethan, though I must nitpick. The group is called DMBQ and they’re not from Charlottesville.