On Sunday, The Hollywood Reporter announced, “A popular sports radio talk show host has sold his life story to CBS for a sitcom deal.”  That’s a fairly amazing coincidence, as it seems Colin Cowherd has peddled a very similar program to the same broadcaster.

His radio show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, is a syndicated program is known for Cowherd’s obnoxious commentary that sometimes results in headline-making arguments with players and fans

The Cowherd script sold as a multi-camera comedy to CBS, with writers Bill Martin and Mike Schiff attached (Hank, Grounded For Life), as well as executive producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum (Two and a Half Men).

Cowherd himself has a producer credit on the untitled project, which is at CBS TV Studios.

The episode in which Colin steals material from a popular sports blog and upon being called out, encourages his listeners to shut the site down, is obvious Emmy-bait, surpassed only by a subsequent show that features our hero mocking John Wall’s dead dad.  I think we can all agree, the real key for this endeavor is getting the casting right, and in the unlikely event Cowherd is too shy or busy to portray himself, CBS will have to find the right mix of charm, intellect and humility to play the part. Given that Jay Mohr is already occupied, do you think Craig Kilborn is willing to return to network television?