Fuck off, Nowitzki. It’s time for the rest of the world to meet David Hasselhoff’s real numero fan, Fulham striker Moritz Volz. From Deutshe Welle (link swiped from The Offside)

German soccer player Moritz Volz, currently playing for Fulham in the English Premier League, revealed this week that the US actor and singer David Hasselhoff has helped to end a goal drought that has stretched back three years.

Volz — one of the more down-to-earth foreign stars in the English game, who drives a beat-up old VW Golf and lives in modest accommodation in one of London’s less salubrious neighborhoods — is a self-confessed devotee of the Hoff and believes that his hero’s power was channeled through a new pair of boots he was wearing last weekend in the away game against Aston Villa in Birmingham.

The Fulham star, who loves to conform to German stereotypes by sometimes sporting a blonde mullet haircut and eating bratwurst, scored his first Premiership goal to clinch a 1-1 draw for the West London club while shoed in a pair of cleats bearing the former Baywatch actor’s name. “It was the first time I had worn my new boots with ‘HOFF 2’ sewn on them,” Volz told reporters. “It’s Hoff power.”

Hasselhoff claims a mind power technique he perfected to get the role as Michael Knight in cult 80’s series Knight Rider, the so-called “Power of the Subconscious Mind” effect, is behind much of his success.


If you love potential Worthless Cup upsets (and who doesn’t?), be advised that Crewe Alexandra have just equalized against Manchester United, Luke Varney’s 73rd minute strike levelling things at 1-1 — Crewe’s first goal against United since the 19th Century, apparently.

There’s Serie A action all over the dish today (well, channels 613 and 614, anyway), with Fiorentina’s 1-0 win at Torino, and Inter running riot over Livorno, 4-1.  The latter result has Inter holding onto 2nd place on goal differential behind Palermo, with Saturday’s Milan Derby looming awfully big on the CSTB TV schedule.