My contacts at the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau inform me the Giants’ 23-11 defeat at the hands of the Iggles earlier today was the first such scoreline in NFL history, playoffs or otherwise. Doesn’t it feel great to have witnessed something so monumental? NY’s Eli Manning managed to turn the clock back to his first 2 seasons as a professional with an thoroughly inept performance (15/29, 169 yards, 2 interception) that was clearly hampered by the Swamp’s frigid conditions.

The same conditions, of course, didn’t prevent Philly’s Donovan McNabb — dreadful for most of the first half — from making making at least of couple of huge plays ;  a 48 yard bomb hauled in by Desean Jackson late in the 4th quarter was exactly the sort of ball that Eli overthrew a few times. Let’s be very clear about this — if Andy Reid can be called a master of psychological manipulation (and I’d nominate him for that faster than Father Of The Year), McNabb can take great satisfaction in having proven he’s a better big game QB than Kevin Kolb.

Hands up, everyone who thought Philly had a chance of winning a game in which Brian Westbrook would be held to 48 all purpose yards?  A harsh result for Giants fans, but there’s some consolation in knowing Plaxico Fantastico is a very convenient scapegoat.  I don’t buy into that line of thinking, but I will agree it was in somewhat bad taste for the estranged WR to serve as a toastmaster for the Nutley, NJ branch of the NRA’s annual banquet/coatillion Saturday night.