Ohio State 20, Cincinnati 7 (3rd quarter, 9:25 left)

I’d be more impressed at the way Cincy hung around if Bob Huggins hadn’t recruited most of the Bearcats. Ted Ginn (above) just caught a 9 yard TD pass from Troy Smith ; attempts to play “Damaged I” over the P.A. were halted by a cease and desist order from Unicorn Records.

BYU 13, Boston College 12 (h.t.)

It’s always a war when the Mormons and Catholics get together. “Big Love” vs. The Hold Steady. Shawn Bradley vs. Bono. Gordon Jump vs. Mel Gibson. Today’s clash at Chestnut Hill is no different. Former Red Sox draft pick Tony Gonzalez caught an 18 yard TD pass from BC’s Matt Ryan at the end of the first half to narrow BYU’s lead.

Virginia Tech 23, Duke 0 (half time)

Apparently, Coach K’s “stop rape, please” speech wasn’t quite the pep talk.

To hear the Rocky Mountain News’ B.G. Brooks tell the tale, Colorado’s 0-2 start is down to those frustrating new clock rules and less about institutional ineptitude.

Facing potent Arizona State today at Folsom Field and knowing time of possession would be critical regardless, the Buffs find themselves still trying to overcome their own inefficiency, as well as new NCAA rules designed to quicken games.

It’s a toxic mix, one CU hasn’t been able to avoid while breaking in a new quarterback in each of the first two weeks and coping with overall adjustment to a new scheme.

“You really have to be much more efficient now,” CU assistant head coach/offensive line coach Chris Strausser said.

“The need for somebody to make a play is greater now than ever because you’re getting fewer opportunities.”