Frontburner’s Michael J. Mooney reports for the mere sum of $22,000 (USD) Hall of Fame RB Emmitt Smith will pop round to your place and watch a football game with you.  It’s all part of a Miller Lite promotion designed to help retired vets who probably aren’t as mobile as Emmitt.

What do you get for your 22 large? Apparently you can have a “reasonable” number of people over to meet the player (they define reasonable as 15-30) and he’ll sign autographs “within reason.” You have to provide the TV, and you’ll have to make room for 2 or 3 representatives from Miller.

There’s no truth to the rumor Lenny Dykstra is available via a similar scheme (exceptions being the fee is closer to $222K and you have to provide a cake with a file hidden inside…and there’s no autographs).