Though the Astros neglected to release details about which players received partial playoff shares and who was paid in full, the following quote from the Houston Chronicle’s Brian McTaggart is nothing if not mind-blowing.

For winning the National League pennant, Astros players who received a full playoff share took home $191,985.45 apiece, according to figures released Tuesday by Major League Baseball.

The Astros awarded 39 full shares, 28 partial shares and eight cash awards from a pool of $9.9 million. The White Sox gave out 42 full shares, six partial shares and 22 cash awards from $14.7 million.

“The players that are on the roster as of June 1 typically get a full share,” Astros general manager Tim Purpura said. “Any players who were (on the roster) part of the season, they get voted on (by the players).”