Big hits tonight for former not-so-amazin’s Richard Hidalgo (Rangers) and Jason Phillips (Dodgers), in their games against the Angels and Giants, respectively.

In the stats you can’t use department, Dodgers SS Jose Valentin has fewer errors (2) this year than times Jason Giambi has been hit by pitches (3).

In the stats I don’t know how to look up department, Eric Gagne was tossed from the LA dugout in the 5th inning for heckling home plate umpire Bill Hohn. I’m wondering when was the last time a player on the DL was ejected from a game.

Oakland’s Kirk Saarloos (above) , filling in for Rich Harden, allowed just one hit over 6 innings tonight, as his supposedly punchless Athletics hit 4 home runs off Orioles pitching, two of ’em coming from Nick Swisher in a 9-0 victory.