Boston 7, Seattle 5

(this was not taken out of Mark Loretta’s car earlier today)

After Ichiro caught David Ortiz’ fly ball at the edge of the right-field bullpen —nearly Papi’s 3rd HR of the afternoon —- who’d have thought the day’s big heroes would be Kevin “The Greek God Of Infield Hits” Youklis or Mark “When I Talk To” Loretta? Short of putting it on a tee for the latter after falling behind 2-0, the Mariners’ Eddie Guardado couldn’t have done much more to give this one away. I realize Not-So-Steady Edward was hardly gonna pitch around Loretta in order to face Ortiz with the tying run on 2nd, but there’s a world of difference between doing so and throwing a big fat one right down the middle of Commonwealth Avenue.

Detroit’s Chris Shelton has hit his 9th HR of 2006, as the Tigers trai the Indians, 9-2 after 7 innings. I’m wondering how many more he’ll have to hit before Jim Leyland considers moving him up in the batting order. Other than Shelton’s solo shot, Paul Byrd — a fly ball pitcher well suited for spacious Comerica Park (or a Chris Benoit lookalike contest) — has allowed a HR to Carlos Guillen with no one on, and not much else.