“I thought it was a massive overreaction by Danny Coles and I wasn’t expecting that reaction one bit. I just thought it was a bit of banter. I was quite shocked and I think as the captain of Exeter City he should act in a more responsible way.”  That’s the reaction of 14 year old Will Wenley, above, who after criticizing Coles via Twitter received a number of profane replies.  From the Exeter Express & Echo :

Coles’s Twitter account was subsequently been deleted and he quickly issued a full apology saying he felt “totally ashamed.”

“I would like to apologise unreservedly for my comments which appeared on Twitter,” he said. “I am not going to make any excuses, nor plead any mitigating circumstances: my behaviour was completely inappropriate and I am totally ashamed of my actions.

“As the captain of Exeter City FC, I know I should set a good example to the supporters, the players and the wider football community and in breaching the club’s social media guidelines I have let everyone down and embarrassed myself and the club, which prides itself on its family values.

“I have deleted my Twitter account and will be making sure that I impress upon the rest of the squad the importance of realising what damage ill-judged remarks on social media can do.”