Lance Hoyt aka Lance Archer aka Vance Archer has a long and storied professional wrestling resume, including but not limited to stints with WWE, TNA, and a current tenure with New Japan.  None of that, however, entitles Hoyt to manhandle and threaten non-competitors, but he’s done both of those things in a pair of appearances for Austin’s Inspire Pro Wrestling.

Inspire Pro ring announcer Brandon Stroud, writing for Uproxx’s “Wrestling Buzz”, explains how Hoyt got in his face earlier this year when the former neglected to introduce the latter as “The American Psycho” (“we’re in America…what am I supposed to do, call him The Psycho?”).   Fast forward to June’s “Clash At The Bash” supercard, and Hoyt spat in Stroud’s face, which resulted in Brandon imploring Inspire Pro reigning champ One Man Mike Dell to “kick his (Hoyt’s) ass”.

Not only is Hoyt a stickler for getting nicknames right, but he’s got expectations of impartiality, too.