Outback Bowl : Iowa 7, Florida 31 (end of the third quarter)

I foolishly thought Drew Tate would match his performance of a year ago against LSU, but you could start Sharon Tate at QB and have just as much to show for it without any kind of running game.

I’m afraid I cannot think of the Outback Steakhouse without flashing on Colin Hay’s appearance on the “The Larry Sanders Show”. I realize this is grossly unfair to a restuarant chain with as rich a cultural backdrop as the Outback Steakhouse, and on behalf of my subconsciousness, I apologize. I could’ve said something about Nicholas Roeg’s terrific “Walkabout”, but my subconsciousness isn’t so sophisticated.

Cotton Bowl : Texas Tech 10, Alabama 10 (4th quarter, 3:00 remaining)

(Cody Hodges, faced with the unenviable task of confirming his coach’s genius and facing the Crimson Tide on the same day)

Up until a few moments ago, Bama had done a tremendous job containing Tech’s explosive offensive, an accomplishment I’ll credit to Michael Lewis being denied sideline passes.

(UPDATE : Alabama wins, 13-10 on Jamie Christensen 45 yard knuckleball field goal — possibly the weakest successful kick in history — as time expires)