While I suspect the animal lovers in question would raise more cash were contributions based on Michael Vick’s total yards against Green Bay this weekend rather than the number of times the Pack catches up with him, full credit to any constructive acts that come from the Philly QB’s startling career resurrection. The AV Club’s Steven Hayden explains a pair of Milwaukee gents, Brent Gohde and Nick Sanborn, have donated $10 to the Wisconsin Human Society each time Vick is sacked (“we truly had no idea in Week 1 when we made this pledge that Vick would go apeshit”).

But one MVP-caliber season (and 34 sacks) later, Gohde and Sanborn have ended up contributing a small fortune to the care of area animals. And now that the Packers are set to square off against Vick and the Eagles on Sunday in the first round of the NFC playoffs, they’re hoping to inspire others to take part in “The Vick Payback”.

“Honestly, we don’t want this to be a negative campaign, as by most accounts Vick has turned it around and is doing good,” Gohde tells The A.V. Club. “But it’s also an opportunity for some of us that don’t feel like lionizing him for his play on the field to do some good, as well. I mean, it still makes me sick to think about what he did, but hopefully all good can come of it today.”