ESPN Radio quoted from an unnamed Seattle newspaper this morning that Atlanta Falcons coach Jim Mora will accept the Washington Huskies job if it’s offered to him. UW completed a 5-7 campaign under Ty Willingham this past season.

If accurate, this would be a pretty curious statement for Mora to make, given the Falcons are hardly out of playoff contention with 3 games remaining. Unless, of course, the coach is dying to get fired (before his scrambling QB kills him).

(UPDATE : I just saw Mora on TV claiming he was just kidding around during a Seattle radio interview yesterday.

I’ll buy that.  He was pretty deadpan in the interview.  Though he’s apologized, it really shouldn’t be a big deal.  ESPN shouldn’t have reported this as thought it was were 4-real, nor should I have presumed as much merely because one media outlet claimed the story was legit).
I’ve not been able to find said story in any either of the Seattle dailies nor the Tacoma Tribune, so if anyone has a link to share, by all means, pass it on.

In a completely unrelated story — because you cannot get enough of any news involving members of the Dolphins practice squad — Marcus Vick is being sued for $6.3 million by a 17 year old girl who alleges the former Virginia Tech QB engaged in a sexual relationship with her for two years, wooed her with drugs and alcohol, and encouraged her to have sex with other men.

I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am. Someone thinks Marcus Vick has $6.3 million?