Putting aside for a moment the New York Mets becoming the first team since 1985 to hit two game tying home runs in the 13th inning or later  (mostly because they still managed to lose to Arizona, 5-4 in fifteen innings) Saturday, let’s get a couple of less historic things out of the way.

1) if you ever have the good fortune to pick a foul ball up off the ground at a Major League Baseball game, please be advised this is not an achievement worthy of celebration. Some might say catching the ball on the fly is no big deal in the overall scheme of things and they’d be right.  But making any sort of public gesture when all you’ve essentially done is retrieve a piece of debris moments before another dumpster diver is pretty fucking sad.  Still, it’s more dignified than….

2) … THAT SHIRT.  Holy shit, what the hell is going on with that thing?  Short of burning the flag, that’s got to be the most horrible thing anyone’s done to Old Glory . More worryingly, it’s the worst look for an adult male this side of the Mad Dog Radio midweek evening host who thinks the Village People’s Randy Jones is a reliable style icon in the year 2013.