While few college football writers are likely to ask current Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer what sort of role he had in shaping the values of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez during the pair’s time together at the University Of Florida, the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick notes the uncomfortable timing in Meyer co-hosting a seminar with Roger Goodell on safety in youth football.  “Meyer clearly didn’t give a rat’s rectum about safety when he spent five years inviting and indulging dangerous, criminally inclined players to the campus of the University of Florida, where he coached until 2010,” sneers Mushnick, forgetting that at least one of those players never engaged in fornication, despite incalculable opportunities to do so!

On Meyer’s watch, at least 30 full scholarship recruits were arrested for crimes that included aggravated stalking, aggravated assault, felony burglary, felony theft, violation of a restraining order following a sexual assault and possession of a concealed, illegally owned firearms.

Now, this summer, he will try to impress upon 600 mothers the importance of safety in football.

So now Meyer and Goodell have teamed to make personal safety a priority among football players. As for protecting students and the public — the sons and daughters of other mothers — from football players, well, too late for that.