Last night against New Orleans
, writes Piston Powered‘s Dan Feldman, “(Rasheed) Wallace gave up on his teammates. The game was close, and he couldn™t control his emotions. He™s becoming the cancer many feared the Pistons acquired in 2004.”   “Might the Pistons just release him now, with only 26 games remaining on his contract?” wonders ESPN’s Royce Webb, who strangely hasn’t proposed that Joe Dumars lower the boom on first-year head coach Michael Curry (currently presiding over an 8-game losing streak).

Cancer or not, Detroit probably doesn’t have such an easy time with the Lakers in the ’04 Finals without Wallace’s services. Second guessing last autumn’s Iverson-for-Billups swap is natural (and easy) enough, but I sincerely doubt Joe Dumars would like a do-over on Chucky Atkins, Lindsay Hunter and a first round pick for ‘Sheed.