I don’t wanna say the Daily News’ Bob Raissman has lost all credibility, but he’s clearly lost his mind if he actually recalls Scott Ferrall’s old WFAN tenure as “actually entertaining.”

Finally, finally, finally, someone called out ESPN’s Lee Corso as one of the biggest foofs on TV. Corso is college football’s version of Dick Vitale – all shtick, no substance.

Corso’s whupping was courtesy of (Wild Child) Scott Ferrall, who is gigging on Sirius Satellite Radio (8 p.m. to midnight). You might remember Ferrall from when he worked at FAN.

His memorable stay there was cut way too short for three reasons: 1) he was actually entertaining, 2) he did not kiss up to the “right people” and 3) he had a pulse. All three things are frowned upon by the FANdroids.

Anyway, Ferrall was mourning Indiana football coach Terry Hoeppner, who recently died of complications from a brain tumor. After paying his respects, Ferrall remarked how IU’s football program has been snakebit. Then, he went off on Corso, a former IU coach. This was a major Ferrall-O-Wig.

Sorry, because of the free-form linguistics allowed on Sirius Satellite Radio, I cannot detail what Ferrall said. Still, it reflected a certain sentiment many have for Mr. Corso. And was darn funny, too.