After making TIm Lincecum and Randy Johnson look decidedly average this weekend, the Mets had no answers for Giants SP Matt Cain (above)  last night, an occasion made doubly frustrating for those unlucky enough to be watching the contest on ESPN.

Rather than dwell on SF’s respectable start to the 2009 campaign, the WWL’s trio of Jon Miller, Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips spent considerable time Sunday evening debating leadership in the Mets’ clubhouse, or more accurately, the lack thereof. Who knew Mike Francesca wielded such influence over ESPN’s production meetings? Faith & Fear In Flushing’s Jason Fry hung in there with the Three Stooges long enough that he might regret the decision today.

Listening to Morgan and Skill Set agree, kind of agree and not agree about “leadership” was slow torture, like being a lobster in a pot with the dial turned all the way to Suck. Ugh, Omar’s stupid quote about the Mets and their lack of edge. … let me guess, Wright is too young and Reyes makes mistakes and Beltran is quiet … did Jon Miller pick out that shirt and tie because he fears he’ll be lost at sea? … if Derek Jeter’s name is brought up I’m going to fly to San Francisco and hit Joe Morgan in the face with a pie … good God, they’re still at it, this has been going on for more than inning … HOLY FUCK PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP I WILL DO ANYTHING. Generally when Morgan and Skill Set were talking I was rocking back and forth and quietly sobbing, so I’m sure I missed some details, but I do seem to remember that Morgan said the Mets were 11-2 but not playing well, just taking advantage of other teams’ mistakes (huh?) and that Skill Set advocated trading Carlos Beltran because he doesn’t make game-winning plays. (Good Lord, shut the fuck up. Isn’t there a secretary in Bristol you can chase around a desk or something?)