(Motown’s Kara Braxton and Cheryl Ford – even Karl Rove couldn’t mount as effective a campaign)

And you thought the Mets PR Department’s efforts on behalf of Captain Red Ass were bush. DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg is nearly overcome with outrage over the WNBA’s Detroit Shock inviting fans to meet players and Coach Bill Laimbeer at ballot-stuffing parties for the distaff league’s upcoming All-Star Game.

Trading votes for access and commodities? Where are we, Absurdistan? No, we’re in America, which is what the “A” in “WNBA” stands for, or should stand for, anyhow. You vote once here, and then you trust the judgment of your fellow citizens. Unless, apparently, you’re one of the freedom-hating Putsch-encouraging executives of the Detroit Shock, who probably rig the results of their Fan of the Game contests, too. What kind of democratic name is “Shock,” anyhow? Sounds suspicious.

And don’t think their little ploy isn’t working. I don’t care if the Shock’s 10-2 record is best in the East; do they really deserve to have, get this, five of the seven leading vote-getters in the East, and four of the five starters???? Who’s coaching the team, Putin? Why don’t the voter fraud-obsessed folks in Justice stop firing people and take a look at this?