I’ll admit to having the odd (non-carnal) fantasy or three, one ’em of being the Sultan Of Surly inking with one of the New York clubs (preferably the one where he can DH) and making WFAN’s Chris Russo his new Barry Bloom. The other dream scenario would be Russo and Phil Mushnick trapped in an airless elevator for several hours. The latter’s latest NY Post entry, however, asks a question that many have pondered previously, to wit, “when does Chris Russo make himself accountable for his words and actions?”

Thursday on WFAN, Russo stated that Barry Bonds deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, “because he didn’t start doing steroids until 1998.” And that was that.

The logic may be fractured, as in, “But he hit only 300 homers while juiced,” or, “He wasn’t a crook until he started stealing,” but that’s Russo.

Beyond that, how did Russo know such a thing to make such a statement? Who or what is the source of Russo’s claim? Does MLB drug investigator George Mitchell know that Russo is in possession of such a fact about Bonds?

The widely acknowledged experts on Bonds’ alleged drug use are San Francisco Chronicle reporters Mark Fainaru-Wade and Lance Williams. Their book, “Game of Shadows,” claimed 1998 was the year Bonds began to use steroids.

But if that’s Russo’s source, there’s a problem. When the book was published, in March of last year, Russo ripped into its authors, questioning their motives and credibility. To use his expression, he killed those guys.

Or were those listening to Russo on Thursday not supposed to recall that on-air episode?