A couple of days prior to Ken Tremendous’ stunning evisceration of the Philadelphia Daily News’ Rich Hoffman, the talented trio behind Fire Joe Morgan, perhaps forgetting the lessons learned by Kiss’ “Lick It Up”, revealed their true identities to the world.

1. We figured whoever reads this site has a right to know who’s writing it.
2. The people we make fun of have a right to face their accusers.
3. We don’t want anyone to be able to write off what we say as the un-credited ramblings of people too afraid to stand behind them. (The ramblings.)
4. We figured no one cares that much one way or the other, so why not?

Fair enough, though TV trivia addicts and starfuckers alike are no doubt thrilled to learn Ken Tremendous is actually the pseudonym of Michael Schur, a writer and producer for NBC’s “The Office”, and a former writer for “Saturday Night Live”. Schur has also appeared on “The Office” in the role of Dwight Schrute’s cousin, Moses.

Since Schur and his colleagues have shown considerable courage in making their identities and professions known to the public, I think it is time that I follow suit. As many of you have suspected since CSTB’s inception, “Gerard Cosloy” is not my real name. However, I do think the blog has gone on long enough that its contents (the bits that weren’t cut and pasted from somewhere else, anyway) can stand on their own merits without anyone having to fixate on my 6 years playing the role of Elliot Carlin on “The Bob Newhart Show”.

(UPDATE : Yard Work’s reassessment of FJM : “please be assured that, unlike other people whose opinions are changing in light of this news about you being famous, we are totally sincere in our newfound appreciation for your talent and fame”.