(something tells me Jon Garland isn’t being demoted to Charlotte anytime soon)

From the Chicago Tribune’s Dave Van Dyck.

While manager Ozzie Guillen was happy with Garland’s effort in the 5-0 victory, he was less enthused about his effort at plunking Ian Kinsler in the fourth inning. Garland’s first two pitches sailed behind Kinsler, and Guillen spent an animated minute on the mound chewing out his pitcher.

“He just missed it, and I expect next time to do a better job,” said Guillen, who could face a suspension. He was suspended for one game last month when he admitted ordering David Riske to hit the Cardinals’ Chris Duncan.

The latest throwing incidents stemmed from a game in Texas five weeks ago when Padilla hit A.J. Pierzynski twice, but Sox reliever Sean Tracey missed in retaliation. Guillen vowed revenge if Padilla hit another Sox player, which he did Sunday when Alex Cintron was struck in the leg in the third inning.

“He might not have hit [Cintron] on purpose, but I’m a man of my word,” Guillen said. “I said if something happened, we would return it. Unfortunately, Garland missed [Kinsler] a couple of times, and that’s not enough.

“I’m not a guy who’s going to sit and take everything. It’s not fair for us. I have to protect my players. My players have to know I’m behind them 100 percent.”

Garland didn’t say much about the incident but acknowledged: “I know how Ozzie is. It’s one of those things.”

Yikes. Shawn Estes, unavailable for comment.