I’ve not watched enough Marlins games this season featuring the opposing team’s radio or TV calls, so perhaps someone can answer the following for me —- have as many commentators wondered aloud if Carlos Delgado picked the wrong team as their peers have said of Carlos Beltran?

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(A.J. doesn’t want to hit an old man, but if he’s told McKeon once, he’s told him a hundred times, “stop calling me ‘Carol'”)</p>
<p><a href=From the Sun-Sentinel’s Juan C. Rodriguez.

-The first clue was third-base coach Jeff Cox’s voice rising to a never-before-heard level in the clubhouse, culminating an out-of-sight, postgame encounter with A.J. Burnett.

The next was a crashing sound in the shower after Burnett entered.

Something was bugging Burnett after Sunday’s 5-3 loss to the Braves. He made sure everyone knew it.

In a rant reminiscent of the Dan Miceli bombast that preceded manager John Boles’ 2001 firing, Burnett ripped manager Jack McKeon and the coaching staff for creating an unfavorable work environment.

“We play scared, we manage scared, we coach scared, and I’m sick of it, man,” Burnett said. “It’s depressing around here. … It’s like they expect us to mess up and when we do they chew our a– out. There’s no positive nothing around here for anybody. Young kids come up, they can’t get early hitting. They can’t get early work. There’s no positive [feeling] on this staff whatsoever, none.

“It’s a waste. A positive pat on the back is better than anything, and I haven’t seen a positive pat on the back since April. Guys are out here busting their a–. … We ain’t trying to lose. We ain’t trying to give up runs or strike out. Guys are out there busting their a–, yet you still hear negativity. I’m not saying no names, just too much negativity.”

McKeon attributed Burnett’s soundoff to emotions getting the better of him. Immediately after the game, McKeon made some pointed comments about Burnett not holding leads, untimely walks and lack of command in spite of sustaining his velocity.