Let’s hope he doesn’t let these cruel japes distract from the task at hand —- winning the Tour De France. From the Sun Sentinel’s Juan Rodriguez.

The entry on the Marlins’ fan site read like this: “Let’s be honest here. That long flyout that Lowell hit [Wednesday] night would have been six or seven rows up last season. I hate to be thinking like this, but it’s definitely in my head … ”

Above the words was a graphic of a syringe and a baseball.

Lowell is offended at the suggestion he is not hitting homers this season because of what he may or may not be putting into his body. The Marlins’ slumping third baseman has heard about sports radio callers wondering whether his power of years past was a result of testosterone or something else he used while recovering from cancer.

“I don’t find it amusing at all,” Lowell said. “I think it’s actually somewhat disrespectful. I’ve heard talk radio before and a lot of intelligent things I hear are from the fans, but there are a lot of things that are stupid. I heard after the third game of the season we should trade Miguel Cabrera because he was washed up.”

Before Thursday’s series finale against the Braves, Lowell said the only medicine he took was to prevent nausea during radiation treatments. A testicular cancer survivor, he said he has never consumed anything to supplement the testosterone his body produces.

“If I had to take something for my cancer it would have been approved by Major League Baseball, and I would have taken it,” Lowell said. “I asked about it. I was concerned whether I had low testosterone levels, and the doctors told me I didn’t.”

After averaging 27.6 homers each of the past three seasons, Lowell entered Thursday’s game with three in 227 at-bats. That is one every 75.7 at-bats, compared to one every 20.3 from 2002-04.

“It’s someone questioning my integrity,” Lowell said. “Everybody has a theory for what goes wrong, just like they have a theory for what goes right. You ask Derrek Lee right now why he’s hitting the ball so perfect as opposed to two years ago, he’s not going to tell you. He doesn’t know. He just knows he’s being consistent and hitting the ball.”