Patriots backup QB Doug Flutie —- the 2nd or 3rd most important Boston College alumnus of the modern era depending on where you rank Jim McKay or Bob Ryan — has declared his retirement from professional football.  Presumably, he’ll continue to play the drums.

Much as I hate to add insult to the injury of Texas RB Ramonce Taylor, here goes ‘nuthin.  Even Carmelo Anthony knows that a key component to claiming the backpack isn’t yours is having someone else available to take the rap.  In any event, I think the value of my UT/Ohio State ticket that is so-very-StubHub bound just went down by about thirty cents.

Jerry Azumah can confirm what so many young Chicago-based high rollers  (Marcus Pfizer, Nash Kato, Dr. Jerry Robinson) learned the hard way : good help is hard to find.

ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd was agog with mini-camp minutiate this morning and decared the NFL to be an 11-months-a-year talking point.  Knowing that his is hardly the minority opinion, I am trying to decide who I would prefer to be vanquished by : al-Qaeda or invaders from Mars.