Much as I dislike the thought of anyone being stalked, in this instance, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. From last Thursday’s Sun :

A TV reporter bombarded Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan (above) with sexy, “aggressive” and “taunting” text messages and phone calls, a court heard today.

The millionaire businessman said Tara Stout, 35, from Clapham, London, also sent him gifts such as underwear and love letters and billed him for shopping trips after they met in March 2005.

Later that year, the volume of calls and messages increased to between 100 and 200 each day, he told City of Westminster Magistrates Court.

Sometimes she would ring up and read a book down the phone to fill up his voicemail box, and on one occasion she threatened his family, Mr Jordan said.

She said she would “gut my mother and slice my nieces”, he said.

Asked why he simply didn™t change his mobile phone number, he said: “I’ve had my mobile number for 15 years and I run my businesses predominantly from my phone.

“This was the number I started my first business with, and I’m not prepared to have someone else come along and affect my life and make me do things just because they can’t control themselves.”

Stout smiled as the court heard recordings of some of the voice messages she had left Mr Jordan, which described how she “f*****” a man for money to buy shoes and invited the businessman round to have sex.

Under cross-examination from Stout, who is representing herself, Mr Jordan denied sending her lewd messages about having sex or that he took his aggression out on her after Crystal Palace lost a match.

“I took my aggression out on my players,” he said.

Almost as amazing as a the mobile phone magnate being terrorized by mobile, is the fact this is the second time this year Ms. Stout has been publicly cited for sending salacious texts to a soccer celebrity.