…because he can’t stop blowing himself. (link courtesy Jason Cohen) Following Whitlock’s Scoop Jackson-bashing interview over at The Big Lead, the KC Star columnist found himself banished from Bristol U. Which, in a funny way, sets up his inaugural AOL column nicely. Well, other than the part where Whitlock’s bio declares “Jason Whitlock has the most unique, important and insightful voice in the world of sports.”

The place I just left (ESPN.com) and the place that just dumped me (ESPN television) still don™t have a clue about me. They think I™m like most sportswriters, fantasizing about being associated with the World Wide Leader and in love with the idea of being a TV celebrity.

No disrespect to ESPN, but I™m most in love with me and the opportunity to express who I am.

That™s why I™m here now. I™m here because I want to introduce you to Real Talk about the sports and entertainment world. There™s not nearly enough Real Talk in the media today.

We dance around issues. We take positions based on not-well-hidden agendas. We™re predictable. We conform to stereotypes. We choose sides according to skin color, political affiliation and friendships just to start an argument.

Not anymore. Not here. Not when it™s Real Talk.

I have big plans for us. We™re going to rule the sports and entertainment world and eliminate much of the stupidity that separates us or gets in the way of enjoying sports and entertainment.

There will be a major reduction in “bojangling for dollars,” which is the art of black men building television and movie careers by impersonating Al Jolson and Nat X at the behest of major networks.

I would list names here, but I want to give the Friends of Flavor Flav fair warning before taxing them for their embarrassing shticks.