Earlier this rumors were widely floated Boston was willing to trade PG Rajon Rondo in order to land disgruntled Hornets G Chris Paul. Though Danny Ainge has since denied those claims, Rondo’s agent, Bill Duffy tells the Boston Herald’s Steve Bullpet, “it’s just a little challenging when you keep hearing these things over and over and over.”

“I think he’s just curious,” said Bill Duffy, who was at the Celtics practice facility yesterday. “?‘Do they want me, or do they not want me?’ Those are the prominent questions that he’s asking.

“It’s just disturbing. It’s disturbing for everybody. It’s disturbing for me. It’s disturbing for him, because it makes one think, ‘Where do I stand in this relationship?’ Particularly because he’s a darn good player, and this is a very successful franchise, and he’s one of the key players on the franchise.

“When the uncertainty of your situation becomes a prominent topic — not just within your household, but on a national basis — it is a bit challenging.”

Asked directly if he believes this matter now is closed, Duffy said, “Yeah. I mean, they would be perceived as highly disingenuous if they do something after they publicly came out and said he’s their guy, he’s not going anywhere.”