Massholes Members of RSN might be a cranky lot this afternoon after enduring a 5 1/2 hour, 11 inning, 9-8 loss to the Tampa Rays in Game 2 of the ALCS.  But if there’s anything that might make the agony of being undone by the likes of rookies David Price and Fernando Perez seem manageable (other than, y’know, that being a pretty terrific ballgamePaul Byrd had a great seat), it would be the psychic toll viewers of all allegiances had to pay afterwards.

(video link taken from Sawx & Dogs) Aside from a forced laff performance that all but erases memories of Cal Ripken’s fine work in the Holiday Inn commercials, what’s up with MLB’s fixation with Bon Jovi?  What town does JBJ love so much, East Rutherford, NJ?  At last check, there were no big league franchises in the Garden State.  Not since Major League Soccer’s illogical decision to pair the Mates Of State with Bob Kraft’s New England Revolution has there been such an inappropriate fit.