I’ve been watching the Padres and Rockies pitching staffs suck up a storm at Petco this evening, and while 4SD’s decision to use Spoon’s “The Underdog” and XTC’s “Making Plans For Nigel” as outro music at the end of innings would otherwise be notable, that’s small potatoes compared to what took place in the home half of the 8th.

After we saw a shot of the young woman above, Matt Vasgerian mused, “I’ve gotta believe that could be arranged.”

(To Grant) “You’d be doing some jail time, but we could….”

Later during Mike Cameron’s at bat, Vasgerian added, “Speaking on behalf of Mark Grant, I think a birthday cake would be a better idea.”

I bailed on the 9th inning, so somebody else can fill me in on whether or not I’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s Padres telecast to hear the inevitable disclaimer/apology.