(CSTB HQ Head Of Security Guinness celebrates National Black Cat Appreciation Day with something prescribed by a California physician)

USA Today reports Carlos Warner, a lawyer representing former Osama bin Laden translator Muhammed Rahim, has demanded his Guantanamo-based client receive a cat. Also, he’s pissed at LeBron. So he’s not that different than you or I.

In addition to sharing the news of (Majid) Khan’s cat, Rahim had another thought to share with his lawyer, who we should note, is from Akron, Ohio.

“Dear Mr. Warner!” he wrote in a separate freshly declassified letter. “Lebron James is very bad man. He should apologize to the city of Cleveland.”

Warner says Rahim’s sentiment about the NBA star who left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat reflects his client’s tribal values, in which loyalty is paramount and “betrayals are not tolerated or forgiven, although an honest apology from an offending peer is valued.”