We’ve already seen published reports that Lenny Dykstra’s Player’s Club magazine is a financial mess, but Tuesday brings allegations the former Mets/Phillies outfielder is not merely a cash-strapped Twizzler-addict, but a racist and homophobe to boot. The New York Daily News quotes excerpts from “You Think Your Job Sucks? Try Working for Lenny Dykstra“, an article penned by former Player’s Club photo editor Kevin Coughlin, appearing in the next issue of GQ.
In the article, Coughlin described how Dykstra attacked a magazine layout he said looked “faggy” – in front of a gay page designer.

“Later, Lenny says to me, ‘Did you see the look on that f-g’s face?'” Coughlin wrote.

He also recalled a phone conversation in which Dykstra declared, “Nobody can call me a racist – I put three darkies and a b—h on my first four covers.” The first four Players Club magazine covers featured Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Tiger Woods and Danica Patrick.

“What was that, Lenny?” Coughlin asked into the phone.

“I said I put three spearchuckers on the cover!” he said Dykstra replied.

Dykstra told The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Everything in there is a lie. I’m not going down in the dirt with this guy,” he said of Coughlin. “He’s [ticked] offbecause he got fired. He was masquerading as a photo editor.”