….he’ll gladly put your money in a very safe place. Some 8 months following Jack Warner’s resignation as Concacaaf president, futher accusations of corruption have emerged, this time concerning funds earmarked for Haitian earthquake relief.  From The Guardian :

Funds donated for earthquake-hit Haiti that never made it to the Caribbean island were paid into a bank account controlled by the former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner, the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) claimed on Thursday.

Around £440,000 of emergency aid money has gone missing since it was donated two years ago and Fifa has frozen funding to the TTFF until it explains what has happened.

In 2010 Warner was special adviser to his country’s federation and the cash from Fifa ($250,000) and the South Korean FA ($500,000) was paid into a TTFF account it claims only he controlled.

It is claimed the TTFF “surrendered their authority” to Warner, who resigned from football last year after being accused of bribery and he has refused to explain what happened to the money.

Warner, a government minister in his country, suggested on Trinidadian television that the allegations were a conspiracy. He said: “I have nothing to answer to anybody. Who wants to make allegations, make allegations. Ask yourselves, as objective members of the media: ‘Why now … ?’ And after you get why now, just join the dots and see.”