I’ve already heard some yack radio criticism of Alex Rodriguez’ disappearing act in the middle of last night’s 15 inning, American League All-Star Game victory, and there’s probably no point in comparing The Third Baseman’s hasty exit with WFAN’s Craig Carton boasting that left the game during the 4th inning.  After all, Carton had to be on the air by 5am EST…in order to tell his listeners all about the box seats provided by MLB.

Amongst Carton’s bigger hassles yesterday was a sudden demand from Mrs. Jersey Guy that she be allowed to accompany the morning host to Yankee Stadium.  You see, Carton explained, now that his lovely wife has gotten a taste for big time sporting events —- the couple attended the Super Bowl last February — he’s got to put up with these sort of things.

Precisely what percentage of WFAN’s audience is meant to relate to Carton’s thrilling lifestyle?  Other than the rest of the station’s on-air talent, I mean.

Jeffrey Jensen nominates the following exchange as the most entertaining moment of Fox’s broadcast :

I think it was the third inning McCarver and Buck brought Yogi Berra into the booth. Buck says something like “so here you are sitting between Tim and Joe” and Yogi immediately says “Thanks Jay” to Joe Buck clearly not knowing his name. Then within a minute while Buck is desperately fishing for anything to talk about says something like “so you’re known for your little sayings” to which Yogi replies “That’s right Jack”. Awkward sad and hilarious.