(above, the Cubs’ most important off-season acquisition)

The above charming headline comes from Ben Schwartz who writes,

Who says they don’t have a heart? From MLB.com’s Carrie Muskat on Wrigley’s 2006 renovation.

“One addition that will benefit visitors who can’t get a ticket on game day or who may be visiting the area when the team is out of town will be a wire mesh fence in the right-field corner, which will provide a knot-hole view of the ballpark.”

Naturally, the Cubs refuse to take advantage of any modern ballpark science to reposition or improve the field in any way. Instead, they preserve Wrigley’s old timey Biblical-era Intelligent Design architecture, meaning long shadows and choppy wind are here to stay. Hopefully Dusty will get more night games added, but so far the most radical changes to get us a pennant in 2006 are Scott Eyre and the addition of glory hole seating. Knot hole, I meant to say Knot Hole.