From the East Valley Tribune :

Former major league slugger Albert Belle (above) will spend up to three months in jail and five years on probation for stalking an ex-girlfriend in Scottsdale.

Judge James Keppel delivered the sentence Thursday in Maricopa County Superior Court. Belle will be eligible to apply for a work furlough while in jail and will receive credit for 29 days already served.

Belle, 39, pleaded guilty July 26 and faced up to eight years and nine months behind bars.

Belle, who played for the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox, admitted in court to placing a Global Positioning Satellite unit on his ex-girlfriend™s car to track her and then showing up at various places where she was.

He also made implied threats to the woman during a telephone call, prosecutor Scott Doering said.

Belle was free on bail on the first charge when Scottsdale police arrested him in May for making a series of hang-up calls to the woman, Christine Williams of Scottsdale, court records state.

Belle™s wife, Melissa, testified in June that she had made the calls, but Judge James Keppel wrote in a ruling that her testimony wasn™t credible.

In an unrelated story, while I’m happy to report the following message is no longer ending up on my answering machine several times a week, prior commitments on the Eastern Seaboard will prevent me from attending this fantastic art opening.