Lest you believe solid numbers for Memphis an an All-Star Game appearance in 2010 represented an definitive image overhaul for 9 year NBA vet Zach Randolph, think again.  According to the Indianapolis Star’s Vic Ryckaert, authorities claim Randolph is closely tied to the drug trade in his old hometown.

Randolph, a Marion native, has not been arrested or charged, said Lt. Jeff Duhamell, spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. However, police say Arthur Boyd, 32, was arrested May 11 on suspicion of dealing marijuana while driving a 2008 Cadillac Escalade registered to Randolph.

A police detective described Randolph as a financier for known drug dealers in Indianapolis, according to court documents obtained by The Indianapolis Star.

Police seized the Escalade and three of Randolph’s custom Chevrolet Impalas that were in a Hamilton County storage facility, which also was registered to Randolph.

Duhamell said authorities have begun forfeiture procedures because they think the vehicles were used to aid the criminal drug-dealing operation.

The investigation began when a confidential informant told police that Randolph was supplying a group of drug dealers with vehicles and access to his Hamilton County home on Geist Reservoir, according to the documents.