Jamiele Holloway (breaking my heart along with Brian Bosworth and Keith Jackson on January 1, 1986, above) takes a pot bust.

He now works as a sales representative for a Wilburton-based company, Oklahoma Healthcare Solutions, a job in which he travels across the state to promote the company and speak to athletic organizations.

Turner said Holieway was a passenger in a car driven by Holieway’s wife. Turner said that as he approached, “I could smell marijuana coming from the car.”

Turner asked Holieway to exit the car and later found the marijuana next to a seat.

“Myself and Deputy (Shawn) Ray observed him drop the bag the marijuana was in,” Turner said.

Holieway was booked into the McIntosh County jail before being released on bond. He has a district-court hearing for an arraignment scheduled for Monday.

Holieway has been arrested several times since his college career ended, with driving under suspension citations in 1992, 1998, 2002 and 2003. He also was arrested in 2001 and fined and given deferred sentences on arrests in 1999.

Sounds like he could use a little talking-to from Charles Thompson.