From Phil Mushnick’s “Equal Time” column in Sunday’s New York Post :

Mike Francesa and Chris Russo had a good thing going for listeners on Thursday when they talked with Gary Pomerantz, the author of “Wilt, 1962.” Pomerantz was eager and able to recount some fascinating tales about Wilt Chamberlain.

But Francesa won’t allow anyone to horde center stage for long. At one point, he interrupted to say, “I used to go to the old Garden when I was a kid, just to watch Wilt play. … I’d sit upstairs in what they used to call, ‘Blue Heaven,’ up at the top of The Garden …” and blah, blah, blah.

There was no Blue Heaven in the old Garden, and we’ve never heard that expression used for the top of the new Garden, either. What became known as the “blue seats” or “the blues” were the “cheap seats” in the new Garden – and were so named because they were blue. The old Garden’s seats, top to bottom, were brown.