As you’re probably aware, in addition to the regional sports stations owned outright by Disney, there’s no shortage of smaller outlets around the country picking up portions of ESPN’s radio progamming and dubbing themselves “ESPN Austin” or whatever.

If I’ve not suggested previously that said practice doesn’t often reflect well on the Worldwide Leader’s rep, well, I’ll make that suggestion right now after reading the following from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jason Cato.

A news anchor for Pittsburgh’s ESPN Radio affiliate and former announcer for Pitt Panthers games told a federal judge Monday that he is innocent of child pornography charges.

John Duffy, 46, of Carnegie, was indicted last week on one count of possessing sexually explicit materials of children. He is free on a $50,000 unsecured bond.

According to a search warrant unsealed late yesterday, a state trooper investigating child pornography on the Internet downloaded two movie files from Duffy’s computer. The first movie depicted two girls, both approximately 9 years old, engaging in sexually explicit activity. The other was of a girl about 11 years old having sex with a man.

If that’s not enough guilt-by-association crap to mull over, consider the plight of this guy, who Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies previously misidentified as the announcer in question.  Eddie Johnson would like to know where the other Duffy goes to get his good name back.