The New York Post’s Marc Berman cited Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni’s “heated 4½-minute explanation on his philosophy about committing intentional fouls when his team is up three points in the final 15 seconds.”  Prior to last night’s home loss to Memphis and the resurgent Zach Randolph, D’Antoni chose not to instruct his charges to mug Wizards C Javelle McGee with 12 seconds left in regulation, with Washington’s Nick Young hitting a game-tying 3 moments later in a contest New York would ultimately win in O.T. Berman failed to mention, however, the cranky reply seemed to be aimed directly at the Daily News’ Frank Isola, who argues, “D™Antoni has been treated with kid™s gloves for almost two years. Only recently have issues like his lack of communication with the players, his lack of attention to defense and the lack of wins come to the forefront.”

This is less about D™Antoni™s strategy and more with how he is dealing with the slightest criticism. On Saturday, D™Antoni grew increasingly agitated when he addressed the matter before finally looking at me and saying, œOh that™s right, you™re undefeated as a coach.

Good one, Mike.

You™re absolutely correct. I have never had the privilege of coaching an NBA game and have never been in position to earn $6 million by making such life-or-death choices like deciding when or if to foul up three.

Not that it matters, but I do have the ultimate respect for coaches since it is their butt that is on the line when things don™t go right.

But if I were an NBA head coach making $6 million a year I would hope that I would understand that second guessing comes with the territory. (Or did the Garden stop teaching œHate and Don™t Trust the Press 101 during their wonderful media training classes.)

I was a little surprised that he felt the need to make a let-me-attempt-to-embarrass-the-reporter-in-front-of-his-peers remark by sarcastically saying that I was œundefeated as a coach.

(For the record, I was an assistant coach when my son™s team won the New Jersey U11 state soccer championship. Does that count? I™m guessing probably not since I was volunteering my time.)