From the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Joe Juliano and Marc Narducci.

Chris Webber could be seen after Wednesday’s practice showing teammate Samuel Dalembert some ways to guard Miami’s Shaquille O’Neal, tricks that Webber picked up during his long career with the Sacramento Kings, playing against O’Neal’s Los Angeles Lakers.

Coach Jim O’Brien said offering help is a part of what Webber brings to his new team.

“I think Chris is a wonderful teammate to the guys,” he said. “I think he’s been very good with Sammy. I think the longer they’re together, the more Sammy is going to blossom, because Chris really looks for Sammy.

“Anything that can improve a teammate, Chris will do, so I think their relationship is wonderful.”

Just imagine how lucky Dalembert would be to receive tutoring from someone who’d actually beaten Shaq in a playoff series?