Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, in today’s LA Times.

From the tenor of David Ulin’s commentary on what he calls “L.A.’s baseball heritage” (“Mixing Signals to Steal Home,” March 13), it is clear he is not a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is certainly his right. It is not his right, however, to misstate and distort the facts to support his misguided belief that the Dodgers are not, as he puts it, “the one true team of Los Angeles.” There is only one Major League Baseball team in Los Angeles, city or county ” the Dodgers.

Ulin’s denigration of the Dodgers’ Brooklyn roots is equally misguided. Like all great cities, Los Angeles is a city of immigrants, and both the Dodger franchise and its current owners are proud to number themselves among the countless strivers who have come here to make a better life for themselves.

As for Mr. Ulin’s insinuation that the Angels got here first, that’s just silly. If “here” means Los Angeles, they’re not here; they’re in Anaheim. Beyond the similarity of names, the current major-league Angels franchise has absolutely no connection to the old minor-league Los Angeles Angels franchise.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, are the same organization that was known to an earlier generation of fans as the beloved Bums of Brooklyn.

The Dodgers are proud to be L.A.’s team, and we’re confident that this season the team is once again going to make L.A. proud.

Frank McCourt


Los Angeles Dodgers

Even prouder to wave bye-bye to Adrian Beltre and overpay JD Drew!