I keep trying to come up with a gag about this guy diving face first into the jury box, but if I couldn’t come up with it ten minutes ago, it’s just not gonna happen.


From Thursday’s NY Daily News :

Derek Jeter in Queens? Breathe easy, Yankee fans – it was Supreme Court, not Shea Stadium.

And it wasn’t that Derek Jeter.

A 22-year-old emergency medical technician with the same name as the Yankee shortstop was a hit in the courthouse when his name was called on a three-year-old insurance fraud case.

While the Bronx’s Jeter is known for clutch hits, this Jeter was happy to get a walk.

The sparse crowd in the Kew Gardens courtroom perked up when Jeter’s case was called by Court Clerk Frank Neira, a Mets fan.

“No. 2 on the calendar: Derek Jeter,” Neira said with a slow cadence reminiscent of legendary Yankee Stadium announcer Bob Sheppard.

The lesser-known Jeter, who lives in Brooklyn, avoided prison two years ago by pleading guilty to a lesser charge after being picked up in a massive sweep for allegedly filing a false insurance claim.

Baseball names can be as common in the courthouse as the clubhouse. For example, a Bronx drug case against a man named Dwight Gooden has been on deck since July. But they had fun with Jeter’s name just the same.

“I just want to show there’s no bad blood between the Yankees and Mets in this office,” deadpanned Queens Assistant District Attorney Marvin Edelman, a life-long Mets fan.

Jeter, who played some high school baseball and said he often is teased about his name, smiled broadly as he stole out the courtroom door. He said he should have been given youthful-offender status from the start.

“They made a mistake a couple of years ago,” he said with a shrug, balking at making any further statement other than to say he is a Yankee fan – “big-time.”

A spokeswoman for the Yankees said their Jeter was on vacation and not available for comment.

That’s a real shame, because just imagine all the fascinating things Derek would have to say about this case?