Sorry, isn’t this sort of thing supposed to happen after you’ve become an ESPN analyst, not before?  Hours after Deadspin and former editor AJ Daulerio reported that Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman had been conducting an extramarital affair over the past year, a number of other news outlets are reporting Cashman’s alleged mistress, Louise Meanwell, is facing charges of grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, stalking and aggravated harassment against the baseball exec.  While the New York Post portrays Meanwell as a serial spurned-paramore, Daulerio — who previously gave Cashman an opportunity to come clean — is a tad more focused on delivering a degree of humiliation.

Among the salacious tidbits ;  Cashman purchases pajamas from TJ Maxx (!) and a recent screening of “The Hangover II” was “the first time he’d seen a he-she,” according to Meanwell (please, no A-Rod jokes).   Though Ralph Houk didn’t have to put up with this kind of thing in his day, perhaps Cashman will manage to keep future romantic encounters firmly under wraps by employing the skillful tactics of his bachelor shortstop/Captain.  A binding non-disclosure agreement might be signed quickly and without quarrel if it’s accompanied by the right sort of parting gifts (autographed 8X10″, discount coupons for tickets to the Pinstripe Bowl, morning-after pills, etc.)