From the NY Post’s Andrew Marchand.

On WFAN yesterday morning, former Patriots and Bills defensive lineman Fred Smerlas used derogatory slang for homosexuals in describing the appearance of USC coach Pete Carroll.

Smerlas (above, left), who works for Boston all-sports station WEEI, said in an interview with WFAN’s Chris Russo that Carroll looked “light in the heels” and “fairy.” Russo didn’t challenge Smerlas on the use of the slang.

“He caught me by surprise by saying it,” Russo said via phone. “I came back and I talked about [Carroll’s] presence. It was a poor of choice of words [by Smerlas].”

Smerlas ” who was actually pretty insightful before his off-color remarks ” made the comment when asked about 34-year-old Eric Mangini, New England’s defensive coordinator, who is a candidate to be the Jets’ head coach.

Smerlas brought up Carroll to point out that when Carroll became the Patriots’ coach, his youthful look lacked presence. Smerlas, though, chose the wrong words.

“It was a weird thing to say,” Russo said.